Effective Feedback

Being a leader means you have a significant influence on others. To reach the goals set forth by yourself or your organization, you have to get your team on board. The best way to do so is by motivating them to reach those goals. As a leader, you can use feedback to help your team…… Continue reading Effective Feedback

Change Management

Resistance to change is common among teams and it is important to be prepared to manage change as a leader. It can be hard to get everyone on board, especially if a big change is taking place for a process that has been the same for decades. Practicing effective communication is a key part to…… Continue reading Change Management

Communicating With Your Team

Practicing effective communication with your team is important for crucial information to flow through your organization. This can seem difficult to accomplish because each member of your team may prefer important information to be communicated to them differently.  There are many different lines of communication you can use, from group messages to email chains or…… Continue reading Communicating With Your Team

Imposter Syndrome

Being a leader or stepping into a new position can cause feelings of self-doubt, uncertainty about your talents and abilities and even unworthiness. Experiencing these feelings does not mean they are true, it is known as Imposter Syndrome. Sitting with these feelings for long can cause long term damage to your self esteem and confidence.…… Continue reading Imposter Syndrome

Empathetic Leadership

Empathetic leadership – two words you may not have thought have anything to do with the other. This style of leadership focuses on leaders understanding other points of view and taking a genuine interest in the people they work with. Some believe the best way to lead is to understand the individual needs of the…… Continue reading Empathetic Leadership

The Value of Teamwork

Now that we are past the interview stage, let’s talk about how to carry your success over to your new role. It can be intimidating joining a new team of professionals, but the members of this team will soon become your trusted colleagues that you can bounce ideas off of or may even be helping…… Continue reading The Value of Teamwork

Dealing With Rejection

Getting rejected from a job you were really excited about is never easy. It is normal to feel let down, but rejection is an experience to learn from and can help you grow. The most important part about rejection is how you deal with it and the steps you take to bounce back. Being rejected…… Continue reading Dealing With Rejection

Salary Talk

The topic of salary can sometimes be slightly awkward in an interview because you may not know much about the job quite yet, or this may be the first time you are meeting the executives of the company. This is a risky topic and difficult to answer because if you put out a low number…… Continue reading Salary Talk

Foolproof Formula

Interviews are your time to shine and put on your best face to show a company why you would be a great fit to join their team. Companies try to catch you off guard with some of their questions by asking you things like “What is your greatest weakness?” Don’t let this question trip you…… Continue reading Foolproof Formula

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